Cathedral / See

The See, or Cathedral of Évora, is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Portugal. It is one of the city’s ex-libris, classified by UNESCO as “World Heritage”, that is why one cannot pass by Évora without visiting its Cathedral.


Crossing tower or lantern tower


Its construction, in the Roman-Gothic style, has the shape of a Latin cross, mostly visible on the inside. It was started around 1280 and finished by 1350, from the 13th to the 14th century.


It is situated in the Acropolis, the highest point of the city, where one can also see the Roman Temple of Diana, highlighted from far away by its beauty of the domed top or lantern tower, very similar to the old Cathedral of Salamanca and to the one in Plasencia and Zamora, in Spain.


Equally visible is its fortress shape, as seen by the terrace circled by battlements, typical of the fortress-churches of the Middle Ages.




  • Detail of the manueline spire