The Tour

The virgin of Paradise (opening)

At the end you walk down to the ground floor. There you will see a refectory article of the school, where they read the Bible and the life of the Saints for the students while they are eating; today it is the shop of the museum, where you can buy some souvenir or regional product. In the exit is the old kitchen today coffee shop, where you can enjoy the taste of the region and rest a little, whether inside or likewise in the esplanade outside.

The detail of the shop pulpit of the old refectory of the school



To have a majestic knowledge of the structure of the building that was the boarding school of the school of music of the Cathedral till XIX century, and to enjoy the richness of the artistic collection with unique parts, (the only one of its kind) in the country and very rare in Europe, you must start your visit from the Oratory or the Chapel, where the central theme of the Museum is represented.


After climbing to the 2nd floor, where the most beautiful painting of the masters of the school of Evora is predominate together with the cells or the bedrooms of the students, dedicated to special matters.


You can´t leave without admiring the beauty of the corridor and the virgin of Paradise exposed in one of the cells.


After you should walk down to the 1st floor, with identical structure to the 2nd floor, and where is mainly gold jewellery in the display showcase of the corridor and in some cells, well as liturgical vestment shop and other objects of high artistic value.


At the end of the corridor, you will see an old room of choral singing, today it is entirely dedicated to the Holy Cross, the relic of the cross of Jesus brought by the crusaders, and whose history is narrated by different paintings that are exhibited there.

Adoration of the Magi